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Introduction - History

The usage of energy from wind in Germany goes back to the middle age when windmills were used to grind corn. In the 19th century the first wind turbines were built to produce power. During the industrialization wind power was replaced with energy from coal, oil and gas, and later also with nuclear power.

The oil-crisis in the 1970s and beyond the search for alternative energy sources helped to bring back wind energy. Since the nuclear reactor disaster in Chernobyl a mind shift started. The first modern wind turbines were built and since the 1990s they were becoming more efficient and competitive compared to conventional power.

With the construction of the first wind turbine in 1992 ZOPF paved the way of this process and became one of the pioneers of the dynamic expansion of renewable energies in the eastern part of Germany. This foundation was the base for our development and growth into various business sectors in the renewable industry.

Energy. Responsibility. Performance.

This is the motto of the founding generation of Andreas Arens, Matthias Rieck and Reimer Thiesen. All of them engineers who control the fate of ZOPF since 1994. Driving forward the sustainable power production is the basis of our corporate actions. We don’t see us as just a producer of renewable energy but also as a responsible manufacturer and service provider of power electronics to optimize and continue to operate existing renewable energy sources.

In 2022 ZOPF celebrated its 30th anniversary. We are proud of our employees. Many of them are with us for years while others complete our team as of late – but all together add to our success. Every one of them is a part of the ZOPF story. 

The second generation of the founding generation is already in place. They support, bring new ideas and add new businesses to our portfolio and take responsibility for our family run company.

This is the secure path to deliver responsible energy in the future.

History of ZOPF



Production of Multilayer Busbars 

ZOPF acquired the busbar supplier EMEK in Vöhrenbach in the southern part of Germany.



Licensing agreement with Infineon

ZOPF cooperates with Infineon to continue the power stack production and overhaul.

Certification of ISO 9001:2015.

The QM-System of ZOPF gets certificated from TÜV-Süd.



100th Wind power plant

ZOPF celebrates the construction of the 100th wind power plant with the start-up of an Enercon E53 in the City of Neustadt Dosse, Brandenburg.



Power electronics 

The Team of ZOPF starts to repair power electronics by ourselves.



Wind service

Setup of an independent service division for our wind farms.

Wind Service_gruppe_07.jpg


First own wind power plant

After a couple successful projects for clients ZOPF builds it first own wind turbine (Tacke 600) in Leipzig, Germany.



Founding of ZOPF 

Planning, construction & service of wind power plants.

1992 Construction of the first wind power plant (Enercon 32) in the state of Brandenburg as a project for a client in Rapshagen, Germany.

Managing directors since 1994:
Dipl.-Econ. Eng. Andreas Arens
Dipl.-Eng. Matthias Rieck
Dipl.-Eng. Reimer Thiesen


Power electronics

ZOPF Energieanlagen GmbH
Hans-Driesch-Str. 2
04179 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 241 083 - 0
E-Mail: info@zopf-energie.de


ZOPF Energieanlagen GmbH
Michael-Welte-Str. 5
78147 Vöhrenbach
Phone: +49 341 241 083 - 0
E-Mail: info@zopf-energie.de

Supply of energy

ZOPF GmbH – Umweltgerechte Energieprojekte
Lindenstraße 24
16866 Gumtow OT Vehlow
Phone: +49 33976 50451
E-Mail: mail@zopf-gmbh.de